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What Does It Take to be a
VitaminEnergy® Brand Ambassador?

Do you want to be part of the #VitaminEnergy team? Here’s what we’re looking for in VitaminEnergy® Brand Ambassadors.

VitaminEnergy® is more than just a premium energy shot – we are a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. We work with brand ambassadors from all around the United States and Canada, and we’re still counting. VitaminEnergy® brand ambassadors represent the new age of energy shots, that is, Energy, With Benefits™. VitaminEnergy® give you up to 7 HOURS of Energy with extra benefits including 0 calories, great taste, and an additional unique upside in each shot…from Immune Support to Recovery.

The first thing we look for in our brand ambassadors is following on social media. We work with brand ambassadors that have a strong, loyal audience that engages heavily in posts.

Next we seek unique, fun people that represent the healthy lifestyle of our VitaminEnergy® Brand Ambassadors. It’s important to actively engage in a health and fitness lifestyle, that is our passion and we work well with people with similar passions.

It is also very important that you are passionate about VitaminEnergy® shots, as well as show your willingness to learn more about the VitaminEnergy® brand. DM us on Instagram @VitaminEnergy and let us know about why you are passionate about our company.

It’s important that you are very active on social media. If you become a VitaminEnergy® Brand Ambassador you are required to actively promote VitaminEnergy® on your social channels.

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