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The Ultimate 4 Week Bower Boxing HIIT Body Challenge 
"EmBowering change”
Powered By VitaminEnergy®

The Contest:  Who can shred the most fat with the 4 Week Bower HIIT Boxing Challenge.

The Coach: 4X Boxing Champion Nate Bower

Get EmBowered - VitaminEnergy® powered 
1st prize -  $2500.00 Plus 10 cases of VitaminEnergy® 
2nd prize - $1500.00 Plus 10 cases of VitaminEnergy® 
3rd prize - $1000.00 Plus 10 cases of VitaminEnergy® 

  • 4 week online contest training 5 days a week.
  • Before and after pictures with hashtags below in each Instagram post mandatory.
  • The Ultimate 4 Week Boxing Body Challenge Contest is open to men and woman older the 18yrs.

 How do you win

  • You must follow Instagram.com/VitaminEnergy.
  • At the end of 4 week another photos is entered for comparison, whomever gets the most cut wins.
  • Participants take a picture and send it In before they start the contest using  appropriate hashtags as proof there are participating in the contest.
  • Winner is selected based on these pictures and at least 10 instagram posts along the 4 week shred journey.